Best Electric Rotary Cutter for Fabric? See Here!

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If your least favorite part of sewing, quilting, or crafting is cutting—you’re not alone! After all, cutting fabric by hand requires tremendous effort, making it time-consuming. And not everyone has the luxury of time by their side, so it pays to have the best electric rotary cutter for fabric.

These won’t only save you a lot of time but also from pain. And with the proper rotary cutter, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite hobby again.

See which electric rotary cutter can help you cut through fabric best.

 Our Top Pick! 
Hercules HRK-100 Electric Rotary Cutter
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Allstar AS-100K Electric Rotary Cutter Check Price
WORX WX081L ZipSnip Electric Rotary Cutter Check Price
Hercules HRC-100 Electric Rotary Cutter Check Price
Mophorn Electric Rotary Cutter Check Price
CGOLDENWALL YJ-50 Electric Rotary Cutter Check Price

Best Electric Rotary Cutter for Fabric – Our Top Picks!


Hercules HRK-100 Electric Rotary Cutter
Hercules HRK-100 Electric Rotary Cutter - best electric rotary cutter for fabric

My pick for the best electric rotary cutter for fabric is the Hercules HRK-100. It’s a powerful electric rotary cutter that saves you time by offering more control over the tool. As a result, you can create more precise cuts with low effort.

Aside from that, the product comes with several speed variables, including 600, 900, and 1,200 RPMs. These let you change the fabric type and the number of layers you’re cutting. As a result, the HRK-100 can cut through many fabric layers without issue. And all these come from a powerful 110-volt brushless servo motor!

So, whether you’re working on leather, denim, or plastic, the Hercules HRK-100 has you covered.

Speed and performance aside, this electric rotary tool also boasts a comfortable design. It’s soft to hold yet light enough, reducing hand fatigue and pressure. Also, if you’re tired of having fabric jam or bunch on the rotary cutter, this won’t be an issue with the HRK-100. After all, it uses an octagonal rotary blade that prevents any fabric from jamming in the first place.

But what stood out about the HRK-100 is its LED feature that guides users to make more accurate cuts. With this, you should be able to cut like a pro in no time.

The only issue with this electric rotary tool is its short cord. As a result, it can be challenging to use when dealing with yards and yards of fabric. Anyway, extensions are always available to remedy this issue.

Overall, the Hercule HRK-100 is an excellent electric rotary cutter that’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use!


Overall, if power and convenience are what you want for an electric rotary cutter for fabric cutting, the Hercules HRK-100 is your best option. It’s one of the most robust cutting machines for all fabrics available. And it’s easy enough to use, making it ideal for amateurs and pros alike.

  • It comes with variable speeds.
  • It can cut through several fabric layers.
  • This electric rotary tool has a lightweight yet durable build.
  • It has bright LED lights that illuminate a cutting outline for cleaner cuts.
  • It’s powerful enough to cut through leather and other heavy-duty materials.
  • Its cord is short.
  • Although rare, some users have complained about the cutter’s LED failing to outline the cutting line.
  • Expensive.


Allstar AS-100K Electric Rotary Cutter
Allstar AS-100K

Are you looking for an electric rotary cutter that can keep up with your cutting needs on the go? The Allstar AS-100K comes with a built-in sharpener that keeps its blade in top condition. And it also has top-of-the-line safety features.

I adore the portability of this electric cutter, which is perfect for those always on the go. The tool weighs just two pounds and is small enough to fit in compact sewing bags. Still, it remains powerful enough to cut through several fabric layers!

But this rotary cutter can only go through fabric layers as thick as 3/8-inches. And though it isn’t as powerful as other models, it’s enough to tackle most projects. So, if you’re looking to cut through yards of fabric, you need to do it in batches.

Portability and power aside, the AS-100K also boasts a sharp blade. It comes with an in-built finger guard and blade sharpener that lets you maintain it on the go too! If that’s not enough, it comes with a set of brushes, spare couplings, and one replacement blade.

Finally, this cutter’s design isn’t something to take lightly. After all, it comes with a squeeze-type switch and ergonomic handle for ease of use and comfort.

Overall, if portability is your priority, go for Allstar’s AS-100K. Weighing a mere 2 pounds, it’s perfect for hobbyists always on the go!

  • This electric rotary cutter is ideal for lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty fabric cutting.
  • It comes with an in-built sharpener that keeps its blade in optimal condition.
  • The tool comes with a blade and finger guard for added safety.
  • Its squeeze-style trigger makes it easy to use.
  • It comes with a 10-foot power cord.
  • It’s not the best pick for heavy-duty cutting.
  • Due to the electric rotary cutter’s small opening, its blade often protrudes.

WORX WX081L ZipSnip Electric Rotary Cutter
WORX WX081L ZipSnip Electric Rotary Cutter

If you’re looking for a battery-powered electric rotary cutter that you can bring with you wherever, consider the WORX WX081L ZipSnip.

Coming from a famous and respected power tool brand, the WX08IL ZipSnip is a reliable electric cutter that you can use for other materials beyond fabrics. Although it’s excellent for versatility, it can’t go through all fabrics. But even if it’s not your conventional fabric cutter, it does a decent job cutting most materials.

Flexibility aside, this rotary cutter comes with a self-sharpening blade that ensures precision!

But what stood out about this electric rotary cutter is its cordless design. It allows you to cut anywhere you want! And best of all, its powerful lithium-ion battery can hold its charge for months. That means you won’t have to worry about charging the device after each use.

Aside from that, WORX’s ZipSnip is incredibly light, making it easier to carry around.

Meanwhile, this product doesn’t joke around when it comes to safety! It comes with a lock-out switch that lets you hide its blade when not in use. As a result, you don’t need to worry about injuring yourself or others.

To conclude, the ZipSnip is the best pick for those that want a more flexible cutter. So, if cutting fabric isn’t exactly a priority, this product should be a decent choice.

  • This electric rotary cutter is cordless, battery-operated, and rechargeable.
  • It uses a self-sharpening blade.
  • It can tackle both light and medium fabric cutting.
  • The tool comes with a lock-out switch for ensured safety.
  • Its sharp blade guarantees clean, precise, and accurate cuts that don’t spill over the fabrics.
  • Since it’s not exclusive to fabric cutting, it doesn’t work well with all fabrics.
  • It’s not powerful enough for heavy-duty cutting.

Hercules HRC-100 Electric Rotary Cutter
Hercules HRC-100 Electric Rotary Cutter

If you want a no-frills, powerful electric rotary cutter, consider the Hercules HRC-100.

It’s a robust fabric cutter boasting a high-speed blade made from quality steel. And like the first Hercules cutter I’ve featured, this also comes with an in-built sharpener. That means this tool takes care of itself indefinitely, ensuring lasting use!

The HRC-100 doesn’t shy away when it comes to power, proving it can cut through several fabric layers! But it mostly limits itself to an inch thick. Aside from that, you don’t ever have to worry about jamming this tool as it comes with a carbide-tipped and spring-loaded lower blade.

Blade aside, this cutter’s overall build is of fantastic quality. Its plate consists of lightweight aluminum, while its wheels are made from brass, ensuring easy and smooth gliding. This design makes it easy to cut straight lines and make tight turns.

The only downside of the HRC-100 is that it only comes with a one-speed option. And though this shouldn’t deter you as you’re only looking to cut fabric, it’s more convenient to have different speeds. It gives you cleaner results depending on the thickness of the material.

If you’re looking for a straightforward unit that can help you cut through most fabrics, the HRC-100 is your best bet.

  • Its wheel design makes it easier to follow turns and achieve straighter lines.
  • It boasts a jam-free build.
  • This electric rotary cutter can cut through several fabric layers.
  • It has an in-built blade sharpener.
  • Lightweight design.
  • It only comes with a single-speed variable.
  • It is expensive.

Mophorn Electric Rotary Cutter

The Mophorn Electric Rotary Cutter is one of the safest models available. It has a unique safety mechanism in the form of a barrier that prevents accidents from its blades. And it can block the debris that flies around when cutting fabric.

Safety aside, this electric rotary cutter also has an impressively sharp blade. Its eight-sided blade comes with a built-in sharpener that keeps its edges in their best condition. Either way, this makes cutting through fifteen fabric layers relatively easy. As a result, this model makes for excellent heavy-duty fabric cutting.

Besides that, the Mophorn Electric Rotary Cutter boasts a lightweight build. This feature makes maneuvering more manageable, allowing you to cut through fabrics smoothly. And its ease of use makes the entire thing stable while running. In short, anyone can cut like a pro with Mophorn in hand!

If you’re looking for a safer model to ensure your safety and others around you, go for Mophorn. It’s ergonomic and comes with superb safety features that anyone can appreciate.

  • It can cut up to 15 fabric layers.
  • It boasts a lightweight and portable design for smoother cutting.
  • Despite being light, it’s incredibly sturdy.
  • This electric rotary cutter has a unique safety mechanism.
  • Easy to use.
  • Its long cord can sometimes interfere with cutting.
  • It is expensive.

CGOLDENWALL YJ-50 Electric Rotary Cutter
CGOLDENWALL YJ-50 Electric Rotary Cutter

My last pick for the best electric rotary cutter for fabric is the CGOLDENWALL YJ-50. It’s one of the most durable models available for sewing. Aside from its impressively tough build, its alloy cutting blade is also on par. And adding more to its toughness are built-in vents that cool off the product’s motor.

As a result, you can expect this electric rotary cutter to last longer.

Durability aside, this electric rotary cutter is also easy to use and maintain! After all, it comes with a built-in grindstone that automatically sharpens the product’s blade. So there’s no need to sharpen the blade after each use manually. And this feature saves you a lot of money and time while guaranteeing quality cuts!

Meanwhile, CGOLDENWALL knows what it’s doing when it comes to portability. After all, even if it’s a corded design, it’s still somehow incredibly portable and doesn’t limit your movement as much as other corded cutters.

Overall, if durability is a priority, consider CGOLDENWALL. It lets you use the tool every day without making it vulnerable to wear and tear. As a result, you can use it for light to medium fabric cutting without worrying about damaging the product.

  • This electric rotary cutter is best for straight and curved cuts.
  • It’s a versatile model that can cut through other materials besides fabric.
  • It boasts fast performance, running up to 2,400 RPM.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • The tool comes with a built-in sharpening stone for lasting sharpness.
  • It’s not powerful enough for heavy-duty cutting of fabrics.
  • Its cutting capacity is low than other models.
  • It is a bit pricy.

How to Pick the Best Electric Rotary Cutter for Fabric? (Buying Guide)

Because of the many variations of electric rotary cutters, picking one can be challenging. So, how to find the best model for sewing, crafting, or quilting? Below are factors to consider when shopping to find the best electric rotary tool for fabric:

⚙️ Power Source

Since you’re looking for electric rotary cutters, focusing on the power source makes sense. After all, it’s where the tools rely on to work. Generally, battery-powered or rechargeable models are your best bet if you want convenience. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to cut fabric all day or even longer, corded electric rotary cutters are what you need. 

Overall, the best power source for an electric rotary cutter depends on your preference and needs. So, carefully consider how long you need to have the tool running. 

⚙️ Versatility of the Electric Rotary Cutter

Although we’re looking for electric rotary cutters for fabric, it pays to go beyond that. Multipurpose rotary cutters save you a lot of money and time. They let you work across different projects from one tool. 

But even if most have versatile functionalities, some don’t. A few electric rotary cutters have specialized functions. For instance, pinking rotary cutters have limited capabilities and can’t do basic tasks such as cutting. 

Either way, your crafting preferences apply here since you’d likely need an electric rotary cutter that’ll be most useful in the craft you do the most. 

⚙️ Blade Material

Nowadays, most electric rotary cutters have blades made from steel or titanium. The former is cheaper and brittle. And these often need frequent replacements. Meanwhile, titanium blades last longer but come with a higher price tag. These are more challenging to spot, and you can usually only buy them from specialty shops. 

I recommend investing in electric rotary cutters with titanium blades for lasting use. And they let you get the most out of your money. Generally, these blades only need sharpening now and then, unlike steel blades. 

⚙️ Size & Maneuverability

Size and maneuverability are among the most significant factors to consider when shopping for electric rotary cutters for fabric. Generally, rotary fabric cutters have blade sizes ranging from 18 mm to as wide as 60 mm—and beyond! And because of the many variations, you must consider what’s the best for the fabric you’re cutting. 

For instance, if you’re trimming yards of fabric for prolonged periods, choosing a rotary cutter with a 60 mm might be the best option. Meanwhile, if you’re working in small sections that need better precision, an 18 mm electric rotary cutter is your best bet. 

So, you can see how crucial it is to know what size would work best for your projects. Aside from that, it would be best if you also considered the maneuverability of the product. After all, you will be using the cutter for prolonged periods. So, it only makes sense to get one that’s easy to use, store, and carry. 

Overall, choosing the best electric rotary cutter size depends on your preference. But no matter the size, always remember to put safety and comfort alongside it!

⚙️ Ergonomics

The electric rotary cutter you pick must fit well in your hands and be easy to control. After all, since you’re looking for electric variations, you’re likely to use the tool for prolonged periods. And you wouldn’t want to use a cutter with an uncomfortable grip, especially when going through thick fabrics! So, it’s clear why looking at ergonomics is crucial. 

I recommend looking for electric rotary cutters with rounded or molded handles. These make it easier to fit the tool in your hands. Aside from that, non-slip is also a feature you should consider to ensure steady control. 

⚙️ Ambidextrous Design

You can consider this factor an extension of versatility. An ambidextrous design refers to the feature of a movable blade. This addition makes using the electric rotary tool possible, whether left- or right-handed. So, check if the product’s blades are switchable for max value. 

⚙️ Comfortability  

As I briefly mentioned earlier, comfort is essential for electric rotary cutters. After all, you will be using the product for prolonged periods. And adding strain to your hands, wrists, and arms only spells trouble. So, always remember that using any tool with sharp blades needs safety and comfort! 

So, it would be best if you felt comfortable using the cutter to prevent unwanted accidents. Ideally, the electric rotary cutter should come with a soft grip or one with several pivots. Aside from that, try to look for models with an ergonomic fit for more comfortable handling.

⚙️ Safety

Although we all want to have the sharpest electric rotary cutters for cutting fabric, safety should be our priority. Remember, a sharp blade embedded with security features should be your number one pick! 

I suggest looking for electric rotary fabric cutters with a feature that lets you withdraw the blade after using the item. This addition keeps your finger safe. Another safety feature you should watch out for is a blade guard. It’s an efficient component that protects you from slippage when cutting.

Speaking of safety, remember to consider the security of those around you. For example, if you have kids or pets, you need to find an electric rotary cutter that they won’t be able to fiddle with even when left unattended. 

Generally, electric rotary cutters with ergonomic handles are best if you have curious kids or pets. These usually use a triggering mechanic that only puts the tool in a “cutting position’ when the handle gets squeezed. And when you let go, the cutter’s blade goes back. 

How to Use Electric Rotary Cutter for Fabric? Safety Tips to Remember!

electric rotary cutter next to fabric

Using electric rotary cutters even to cut fabric can be dangerous, especially if you don’t have any experience in handling the tool. Here are some safety tips to remember whether you’re using the rotary cutter the first or tenth time:

✔️ Always Hold the Electric Rotary Cutter Properly

Most people instinctively hold electric rotary cutters like a kitchen knife. But note that kitchen knives don’t move forward or run on a power source. And they aren’t as fast or powerful as rotary cutters! 

So, try to have complete control of an electric rotary cutter by having your index finger on top of it. Simultaneously, use your grip with your palm to adjust the pressure if needed. Doing this gives you a better grip on the tool—guaranteeing your safety. 

Moreover, note that pressure will always be a massive deal for electric rotary cutters. After all, the more force you apply, the less control you’ll have over the tool. So even if some pressure is needed, don’t be too light-handed and lose control.

If you notice you need to press down hard when using the electric rotary cutter, you must change its blade. Changing these early on helps you avoid accidental cuts.

✔️ Always Maintain Visibility

It’s crucial to maintain visibility with electric rotary cutters to get the proper perspective when cutting fabric. Pro crafters swear by a bird’s eye view, and it works most of the time! So, help your electric rotary cutter stick to the guideline instead of having it swerve off course due to the angle you’re looking at it from.

✔️ Apply Even Pressure When Cutting the Fabric

As I mentioned earlier, applying even pressure is a must when using an electric rotary cutter. You can guarantee the best cuts while preventing the blade from slipping or getting caught. I recommend moving slowly while tracing the guidelines for cleaner and safer cuts! 

If you’re getting forced to apply more pressure, take this as a sign to replace the cutter’s blade. After all, electric rotary cutters are meant to make the process easier for us, not more tiring.

If you’re struggling to cut through several layers of fabric in one motion, I suggest aligning them with the grain. Doing so prevents resistance in the material, allowing you to get a smooth and less jagged cut. After all, it lets you move the grain alongside it instead of going against it.

✔️ Always Use Durable Safety Gloves

Just because you’re using the electric rotary cutter at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear safety gloves. Remember, these aren’t exclusive to those working in industrial environments! So, to ensure max safety and keep your fingers intact, grab yourself a pair of safety gloves. With these, you can guarantee better protection without sacrificing quality. 

Overall, safety gloves make for fantastic investments. After all, regardless of the fabric you’re cutting or the type of electric rotary cutter you’re using, they keep your hands safe!

✔️ Use Pattern Weights

You can think of pattern weights as clips or pins best for cutting fabric. They make cutting and trimming the material more manageable. With this, anyone can achieve more accurate sizes and shapes. Either way, pattern weights are ideal for holding down the fabric you’re cutting. But you don’t necessarily need them. 

You can use any heavy object to hold down your fabric, but never your hands! If you use your hands to keep a fabric flat, you’re making yourself more vulnerable to getting an injury.

So, instead of holding it down with your hands, use pattern weights. And you can use your hands to guide or balance yourself while using the electric rotary cutter. Moreover, they can boost your accuracy.

✔️ Learn About the Safety Mechanism and Use It

You’ve likely left your rotary cutter down in your kitchen, living room, or anywhere in your home. And this doesn’t only put yourself in danger but also the rest of your family! Luckily, most electric rotary cutters come with safety mechanisms that protect everyone. 

Usually, these come in sliders or buttons that let you hide the exposed blade when needed. So, it pays to learn how to put safety on for everyone’s well-being. Once you get how your electric rotary cutter’s safety mechanism works, put its “safety” on when not in use!

Aside from that, I also recommend familiarizing yourself with basics that sewers must be complacent with, like cutting away from their body. 

✔️ Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

As daunting as going through several layers of fabric, hurrying will never do any good. Instead, it can wreak havoc on your projects! And yes, the same rule applies when using electric rotary cutters. So as tempting as it is to move faster and finish your task more quickly, don’t. After all, this can be dangerous and force you to make mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an electric rotary fabric cutter?

A: An electric rotary cutter is a handheld device that allows users to cut through the fabric easily. It’s the best tool to achieve straight lines, regardless of your cutting experience. Moreover, it helps you make more precise cuts even in hard-to-reach areas. 

Q: Is an electric rotary cutter suitable for sewing?

A: Electric rotary cutters are ideal for cutting yards of fabric—perfect for sewing. It lets you go through more material at a time, speeding up the process. So, if you’re looking for a tool to help you hasten things up, go for an electric rotary cutter. 

Q: What electric rotary cutter size do I need for fabric?

A: It depends on the material you want to cut. But generally, 45 mm electric rotary cutters are enough for fabric cutting. This blade size helps you make any sewing project a reality. Meanwhile, 60 mm blades are best for cutting through thick fabrics. On the other hand, anything below 28 mm is best for intricate patterns. 

Q: Is it better to cut fabric with an electric rotary cutter or regular scissors?

A: Electric rotary cutters are the more practical choice for cutting fabric. They can cover more of the material at a time while preventing hand fatigue. And they always produce consistent results—long and straight cuts. But electric rotary cutters can cause injury when mishandled. So, practice caution!

Q: Is it safe to use an electric rotary cutter to cut fabric without a mat?

A: Not only is it unsafe, but using an electric rotary cutter without a mat can also damage the fabric. So, it’s always best to have a mat when cutting fabric with the tool. If unavailable, you can always replace it with thick cardboard. 

Final Words

Finding the best electric rotary cutter for fabric should now be easy with this guide. Either way, choosing any of the listed electric rotary cutters allows you to speed up things without sacrificing quality. And having this on hand will enable you to sew like a pro over time.

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